Lora Kantorovich
Founder, Corporate Instructor

Lora has worked, both nationally and internationally, in the corporate, start-up, and non-profit world; focusing on integrating her passions for communications, intercultural relations, and business development to better serve the communities around her. Being no stranger to stress and anxiety in the work place, Lora began practicing yoga. Shortly there after, she felt a strong need to share the tools she was learning in yoga, which were yielding a significant increase in equanimity and production at work and in life, with her colleagues and supervisors. She received a 250/hr certification and began teaching at corporate and studio spaces. 

After noticing the drastic benefit her corporate clients were receiving, she founded Evolve with the intention of expanding the image of yoga and mindfulness beyond the mat and the studio by connecting certified instructors to everyday spaces. She hopes to make the practice more accessible and customizable to fit site-specific needs so more people can begin practicing yoga (and hopefully begin to venture to the plethora of studio spaces Philly has to offer!). Lora has also lived and taught in an Ashram in Peru and currently teaches at Dhyana Yoga and Sankhya Yoga. 


  • 250/hr certified yoga instructor (RYT)
  • 50+/hr workshop training


  • Corporate classes focused in balance, posture elongation, mindfulness, and breathing. 

Daria Gibbs
Kids Instructor

Daria's parents started having her practice yoga at the age of 7. Since then, she has been studying regularly with well respected teachers from around the world like Sharon Gannon and David life, Amy Gordon, Kristin Page and many others. From a young age she knew she wanted to teach yoga to all ages but mostly to children. She became a certified 300/hr Jivamukti yoga instructor, a style of yoga that focuses on creating a nonviolent/compassionate lifestyle, self realization, meditation, sound/music healing, and ancient yogic teachings, in Costa Rica and has been teaching children since then. 

She has been teaching kids yoga programs at various schools and dance studios for about 5 years, including at a pre-school in Martin County in California and Montessori schools in Philadelphia. She also has been teaching ballet, modern, jazz, and prudence to children for about 4 years. She gets such a joy sharing the practice with kids at such a young age and feels very strong that the younger you start to open kids minds and bodies to the practice, the more the benefits will stick with them. In addition to teaching at schools in the area, Daria also teaches at the Race Street Pier. 


  • 300/hr certified yoga instructor (RYT)
  • 100+/hr workshop training


  • Kids mindfulness and movement classes.

Katie Rabinowitz
Corporate Instructor

Katie first tried yoga during her freshman year of college at the University of Colorado, looking to see what all the hype was about. She fell in love with the practice almost immediately, but was a fare-weather yogi for many years, not making time for it when she needed it most. As someone who has struggled with stress and anxiety her whole life, Katie finally realized the importance of a regular yoga practice when she moved back to Philadelphia to start her first year at Temple Law School. She found that yoga is the perfect escape from the books so she can slow down, clear her head, and stay in shape.

Eight years after Katie's first yoga class, and one year into law school, she completed a 250-hour teacher training at Dhyana Yoga. She now teaches yoga to law students and lawyers, focusing on the benefits of mindfulness and breathing, no matter the situation. Katie strives to teach the importance of balance, strength, and flexibility–both on and off the mat–and hopes her teachings will eventually find their way into conference rooms, courtrooms, and beyond. 


  • 250/hr certified yoga instructor (RYT)
  • 20+/hr workshop training
  • 30/hr kids yoga certification


  • Corporate classes focused on maintaining equanimity and balance.